The Hemi in the Barn

The Hemi in the Barn by Tom CotterThere is another way to get your historic dream car without breaking the bank and this tells you how a few fortunate enthusiasts have achieved this! Following on from The Cobra in The Barn Tom Cotter has collected forty new true-life stories from avid car collectors – amazing car finds and resurrections! The thrill of the hunt tips and hunches followed clues pursued the heart-stopping payoff – from a forgotten Duisenberg in a Burbank garage to the original Daytona Coupe built by Peter Brock and since abandoned! Along the way these entertaining stories impart plenty of hints and information for readers intent on finding their own dream cars which are out there – just waiting to be rescued and restored!The Hemi in the Barn by Tom Cotter more here…..

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Swap a 6.1L Crank Into a 5.7L Hemi For 440 HP – Hot Rod … Here’s the recipe: buy a 5.7L Hemi from a crashed Ram truck, swap in a factory forged 6.1L crank from eBay, add a “drop-in” forged piston and rod combo from Wiseco, fix the heads, slap in a mellow cam for your EFI, and you have a 440hp, bulletproof, street Hemi for not a lot of cash.

BoaterEd – Worn gimble ring, fix now or later? (long) It will NOT last 5 more years! It will fail and it will cost big $$$ when it does, I would think about repairing it now! This advice is worth jet what you paid for it 🙂

Ohio Rustacuda! 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda Project – Barn Finds By Todd Fitch. Often the cry of “Too far gone!” comes from the man or woman with a perfect car in their garage. This 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda located in Bainbridge, Ohio has been parked since 1984, perhaps behind a garage or barn, waiting for the owner’s mythical “someday” restoration.

Chrysler Heritage > Home “If anybody can, I can.”â Young Walter P. Chrysler answering if he could fix the crippled locomotive No. 46 carrying Mormon tithers from Salt Lake City to Denver.

Transmission Adapters Transmission Adapters, Transmission Adaptors, Bendtsen’s Transmissions, Ham Lake, MN.

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mopar pg 3 – CARS IN BARNS send in your pictures and tell us the stories of the cars in barns, driveways, fields and on front lawns , that can’t be bought and are just rotting away in the dirt…and the owners are gonna restore them someday….yeah , right….

Big Gamble: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440-6 Project – Barn Finds Surprising that with all the hemi E bodies even clone hemi E bodies sitting pretty at their unattainable prices being little more than trailer queens that this one hasn’t sold.

All Aluminum Hemi Engine – Hot Rod Network Check Out All Aluminum Hemi Engine That Produces about 800 horsepower – Mopar Muscle Magazine

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