The Encyclopedia of Cars

The Encyclopedia of Cars by Peter HenshawThis is an extensive guide to the history of car manufacturing including over 500 different makes and models listed alphabetically for reference. It is illustrated with over 600 photographs ranging from the earliest coupe to the latest Mercedes-Benz. It includes a comprehensive introduction to the history and development of the car. This is the story of the worldwide phenomenon that transformed the 20th century – the private car. In the 100 years since the first frail automobiles puttered out onto unmade roads hundreds if not thousands of individuals have embraced the automobile business convinced that their product was a potential world-beater. All of these major manufacturers and many of the smaller ones are detailed in The Encyclopedia of Cars. This extensive tome traces the development of the modern car from the earliest Ford to the latest Bettle remake in a chronological look at some of the world s unforgettable makes and models.The Encyclopedia of Cars by Peter Henshaw more info

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