The Art of BMW

The Art of BMW by Peter GantriisGet other BMW Motorbike repair manuals hereBMW began its life in aero-engineering – as anyone who has ever ridden one of their bikes knows. Combining technical innovation engineering excellence to produce exceptional road handling BMW are today recognised as one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world; this book is a testament to that fact and to their most popular machines. From the first IR32 produced in 1923 and designed by Max Friz this book follows the most popular BMW machines right up to date. From the 1930 s to post-war success – where BMW had no plans drawings blueprints equipment and only a ruined bombed factory in 1948 – yet the next year had produced 92 000 of the 250 cc R24 this book chronicles the continuing success of BMW motorcycles.The F and G Series F Series R Series K series are mentioned as are the constant innovations and improvements that have kept BMW at the forefront of motorcycle riding: the first to introduce ABS for motorbikes ( the R11OORS) electronically adjusted windshields (K1OOLT) hydraulic dampened telescopic forks Telelever suspension systems to deliver superior traction during hard-brake situations and a host of other improvements now recognised as standard and taken up by other manufacturers.Full of stunning colour photographs technical details construction up to the latest revamped opposed cylinder boxer engines these are the bikes that made history and give the most demanding riders a taste for flight – certain to prove popular with any motorcyclist!The Art of BMW by Peter Gantriis more tips

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