Motor Boat Manual : Buying, Using, Maintaining and Repairing Motor Boats

Hardcover – 212 pages – The dream of owning maintaining and using your own boat without great expense can be achieved with the help of the quot;Motor Boat Manual quot;. Written to cut through confusing nautical language it gives anyone new to boating the confidence and knowledge to buy and enjoy a motor boat.Packed with well-illustrated practical information and handy tips for both new and existing boat owners this manual covers the routine maintenance repairs and improvement of a motor boat for those with good basic DIY skills and has further information for the jobs best left to the experts. There are also useful sections on buying moorings and safe boating and handling.Colour illustrations. considerably more details

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Chapter 1 Flashcards | Quizlet 6. Check your location, direction and your buddy every 30 sec- onds or so. Stay close to your buddy, maintaining physical con- tact if necessary. Use something on shore, or an anchored boat, for orientation.

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