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Monster Garage by Richard FinchWant to learn how to weld just like they do on Monster Garage? This invaluable guide to welding covers techniques used for Indy and NASCAR race cars experimental aircraft and other applications requiring high-quality welds including welding 4130 steel stainless and aluminum as well as plasma cutting. Learn how to select equipment set up your welding shop pre-weld jigging and fitting and how to choose the right process and fill metal for each project. Includes chapters on the latest technology in filler metals and welding rod. – The techniques used by the gearhead geniuses on the amazingly popular Discovery Channel series Monster Garage are brought to life in this illustrated how-to book- Includes brand-new photography from the set of Monster Garage showing the experts using the techniques in the book- Learn the ins and outs of the hottest welding techniques in the business from established pros- Includes a section on plasma cutting a technique used extensively on the show that has revolutionized metal workingMonster Garage by Richard Finch considerably more details

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