Holden Torana LU LJ LH LX GTR XU-1 1969-1979 Ellery repair manual NEW

Holden Torana LC LJ LH LX UC GTR XU1 SLR5000 1969 – 1979 Ellery Repair Manual Other Holden Torana Repair Manuals click here NEW – 360 pagesThe small cars with heaps of go and dressed to kill. Includes XU1 A9X models. We have covered all the information the enthusiast needs from grease and oil change to a full rebuild. This manual covers Holden Torana LC LJ LH LX and UC models built from 1969 to 1979. It includes GTR XU1 SLR5000 A9X models and all six-cylinder and V8 engines including SL/T turbocharged option plus manual and automatic transmissions. The manual provides illustrated step by step instructions for repair and maintenance procedures based on a complete vehicle teardown and rebuild. It does not cover four-cylinder engines. Engines covered: 138/2250 (2262 cc) OHV 6-cylinder161/161S (2638 cc) OHV 6-cylinder including GTR173/2850 (2834 cc) OHV 6-cylinder186/186S (3048 cc) OHV 6-cylinder including GTR XU1202/3300 (3310 cc) OHV 6-cylinder including GTR XU1 and SL/T (turbocharged)253/4.2-litre (4146 cc) OHV V8308/5.0-litre (5047 cc) OHV V8 including SLR5000 L34 A9X Other Holden Car Repair Manuals click here click on

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