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Ford Cortina by Russell HayesGet other Ford repair manuals hereOnce there was a Cortina on every British street corner but now only a handful of the four million made survive and the rest are fond memories. For 1962 the Cortina was rushed to sale as an economy car but it rocketed to the top of the sales charts and stayed there for 20 years. To mark 50 years since the introduction of Ford s best-seller this exhaustively researched history tells how it grew to be a worldwide success. With first-hand accounts from key people and evocative period photography the design and development of all five generations of Cortina is explored in detail.Ford Cortina by Russell Hayes click to go

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Ford Cortina – Wikipedia The Ford Cortina is a car that was built by Ford of Britain in various guises from 1962 to 1982, … the four different Cortina models manufactured between 1964 and 1979 determined that the air delivery from the simple eyeball outlets on the 1964 Mark I Cortina was actually greater than that on the Mark II, the Mark III or the Mark IV.

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A Ford Collector Likes His Cars Nice and Simple – Car Fan Blog The Lotus Cortina was a commonly referred term used to refer to the Ford Cortina Lotus. It was a high-performance sports sedan made in the United Kingdom from 1963 to 1970. It was built in collaboration with Lotus Cars.

Ford Cortina – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ford Cortina was a car produced by Ford Motor Company from 1962 through 1982. From 1970 onwards, it was almost identical to Ford Taunus . It was a very popular and common car in the UK during its time.

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