Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean 125cc Motorcycles Haynes Service and Repair ManualFour-stroke single and twin cylinder engines

Softcover – 304 pages – A Service and Repair Manual covering four-stroke single and twin cylinder carburettor-engined motorcycles of 125cc capacity. AJS CR3-125 DD125E Mk2 DD125E-8 Eos-125 Daytona NAC12 (prev. NKT) Baotian BT125-2 BT125-3 Bashan Vixen VX125 Apache GY125 BS125GT Better BT125-20 BT125-5 BT125-6 Branson BM125 BM125 Sport BM125 Retro British Trackstar GY125 Chituma (Hongdou CTM125-c Dadyw DD125-E Daelim Daystar VL125L Roadwin 125 Dafier DFE125IV Dayang/Dayun DY125-2A 36A Easy Rider JC125-17 Feiying FY125-7A FYM FY125-3A FY125-7A Geely JL125-s Crusader Giantco Warrior Swift Trooper 125 Bronco 125 Knight 125 Hunter City Haotian HT125-8 Vixen HN125-4F Hartford HD125L Legion HD 125S Super VR 125H Enduro VR125X Motard VR125Z City Motard Himo GY125A Hongdou QLM125-11B HD125 GY2 Honling HL125-9 Hsun (HiSun) HS150-28 HS150-GY HS150-17 Huoniao HN125-4F HN125-8 Firebird Hyosung RT125D Karion RX125D/SM XRX Jialing JH125-33 JH125GY-3 JL125 Jianshe JS125-6B Knight Jincheng JC125-17B JC125-43 Jinfeng JF125 Jinlun JL125-11 JL125-13 JL125-12 JL125-C JL125-Y Kaisar (Lexmoto) KS125-23 (XTR) KS125-3 Destiny RX KS125GY-3A Keeway Speed 125 Superlight 125 TX125 Kinlon JL125-6B JL125GY Kinroad XT125GY XT125 XT125-16 XT125-18 XT125-19 Kimco CK125 KR Sport 125 Lexmoto HT125-4F Arrow DFE125-8A Street KS125-23X XTR HT125-8 Vixen JL125-11 Texan ZS125-30 Arizona ZS125-50 Ranger Lifan LF125GY-6 9A LF125-9 9J Apollo LF125-J Mirage LF125-14F Skygo LF125-30 Blaze LF125-3 LF125-15 Loncin JL125GY-3 Megelli naked sport supermoto Moto Roma MRX125 Necht GY125 Oubao OB125C Pioneer XF125 L-4B Nevada XF125 10V XF125 GY-2B POR Apache 125 Pulse XF125 Gy-2B Adrenaline Romet RM125 K125 Z125 Qingqi QM125L-4B Renegade QM125-10E Jet QM125-10R Buffalo QM125-2F Ranger QM125-2D QM125L-4B QM125GY-2D Tracker Sanya SY125-11 Sanye Harrier Sineray XY125-10A (CG125) XY125GY-5E Sinnis QM125-2V Trackster Stealth 125 Vista QM125-2C Apache 125 Sinski XSJ125-6B Skyjet SJ125-23 Sky Team ST125-Y ST125 SM Sukida SK125GY-A SK125-2 SK125-4 SK125-5 Sumoto (Hongdou) 125GY Superbyke SB SBS125 RCC125 RBP125 Ridgerider125 Ridgeback 125 RMX125 RMR125 RMZ125 RSR125 Suzuko GY125 Sym XS125K Tayako TY125-5 TMEC 125-1 Urban DZ125 Venture XT3 Vulcan Custom 125 Harrier 125 SM125 Wangye WY125-16C Warrior Despatch 125 Wuyang WY125-16C Xgjao XGJ125GY-6 RBP125 XGJ125-23 XGJ125-3 Xingyue XY125GY Xinling CXM125D Xiongtai XTQY3-D1 more info

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